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How Rejuva Detox  Works


RejuvaDetox combines a healthy eating regime with twice or thrice-weekly sessions on a specifically programmed detoxing system,  which helps lymphatic drainage and breaks down toxins whilst toning the skin’s elasticity.


We offer RejuvaDetox courses ranging from 10 day cleanses through to 2, 4 or 6 week programmes.


This successful combination – which does not involve exercise or rigorous dieting –has revolutionised the beauty and weight loss industry since its birth in 1994 as clients can lose between 4 and 6lbs a week. It is a holistic approach that treats the person as a whole, through a detoxification programme that re-balances the body and re-shapes your silhouette.


RejuvaDetox works by ridding the body of calcified toxins that have built up because of the food we eat and the atmosphere we live in. With increasingly busy, stressful lives many of us no longer digest properly. Once we have a healthy, detoxed system our body can begin, once again, to absorb the real nourishment from fresh food, and this allows the body fat to drop off and the body to heal itself. This is why the programme has been found to ease such an array of health conditions- we have an abundance of testimonials from all professionals and ages as well as over 35 % of our client base are male!


Our treatments are designed to be relaxing and enjoyable, to leave you feeling good about yourself, boosting self esteem, confidence and feeling incredibly empowered. It has been produced by one of the largest machine manufacturers in Europe which is both CE  and FDA approved.


See for yourself the amazing media coverage


'RejuvaDetox is the celebrity way to shed unwanted weight and boost health'



'Our RejuvaDetox tester lost 5 lbs and a total of 22 inches from her waist, stomach and legs, leaving her body more proportionate, full of energy and no longer craving coffee.'

'Our RejuvaDetox tester in her mid 40’s had been trying to lose weight for years, in just 2 weeks she went from 11 stone 6 lbs to 9 stone 12 lbs with a huge 42 inches lost from her overall body shape. Best for those in serious need of a physical MOT.'

'I lost 18 lbs. and 26 inches from my body including the three inches from my waist, and the RejuvaDetox machine definitely helped tone my body.

Initial Consultation


An initial consultation will assess the client’s current diet. A thermographic scan of the digestive system is taken (externally); this is visual and will be shared with the client.


A damaged digestive system compresses the intestines, crushing the internal area and causing the cells to be deoxygenised.


Toxified waste and calcified plaque is indicated as a black mass, which gradually turns blue as treatments begin to work and the body becomes healthier especially as absorption has been enhanced.

Thermographic Scanning


Using a thermographic scanner we can see the level of toxicity within the digestive system. The black of week one (STAGE 1) shows a heavily congested system, while the increasing amount of blue shows the system rebalancing and becoming healthier.


This shows that digestion is working better than ever even after six months. After completing the one month RejuvaDetox programme, participant’s bodies are re-programmed, detoxified and rejuvanated and their body is able to function better and deal with food more efficiently than before.


Ten years of serious damage can be reversed in a year. With less serious damage, most of us can return to optimum health in one month.


Depending on your condition when you start, two weeks can have you looking and feeling better than you have in years, after that it’s up to you.





Who does  Rejuva Detox  work for?



The RejuvaDetox programme is amazing for both sexes from age 16-70, plus in light of its success and efficacy, RejuvaDetox has and continues to treat many health professionals from GP’s to Nurses along with Health Practitioners to celebrities and journalists.


RejuvaDetox have even treated a Prime Minister’s wife! (A whole page of the Daily Mail was dedicated to her treatment!)


These are just some of the common health conditions that our clients come on the programme for;


+ Weight loss/ cellulite

+ Lymphoedema/Lipodeama

+ Asthma- coughs , colds

+ Eczema- psoriasis, rashes, acne, skin issues.

+ Migraines, headaches, sinus issues

+ Blood pressure & Cholesterol

+ IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

+ Fatty Liver (up to 70% fat reduction on liver after  (14-28 days)

+ Rheumatoid arthritis/wrist pain

+ Back and Joint Pain

+ Sleep problems

+ Anxiety/Depression/Stress

+ Skin conditions

+ Immune issues

+ Sluggishness

+ Fibromyalgia

+ M.E- c.f.s, viral infections,

+ Hormonal issues-thyroid, menopause

+ Digestive Issues- bloating, constipation, diarrhoea

+ Crohns and Colitis

+ Diabetes

Media Coverage


I Lost 18 lbs. and 26 inches from my body including the three inches from my waist, and the RejuvaDetox machine definitely helped tone my body.

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