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I lost 9lb and 26 inches in four weeks. I can’t begin to explain how unwell I felt and looked!! 4 weeks later I feel fantastic, well, alive and living my life to the full! I actually feel quite emotional about it because I have my life back on track with the help of all the lovely staff. I am going to continue having treatments and follow the maintenance plan. Thank you so much.

After completing the 4 week course I feel amazing- ALIVE AGAIN! It was tough in the beginning and sticking to the programme was easier than I thought. Not only am I awake earlier I have more energy and I’m not tired or sleepy. I feel happy and confident and to add to all of this I have lost 13lbs and 12 inches in 4 weeks. The difference is brilliant! I would recommend this to everyone thanks so much

I lost 18lb and 22 inches a very fast weight loss but healthy! I feel fabulous and full of energy. Discovered cooking again and tastes. This is a start of a new and healthy me! Highly recommended! Enjoyed getting to know all the staff!



I have just finished a 4 week course of Rejuvadetox and feel so much better and healthier. I lost 13lbs & 13 inches which is a great start to a new me! No more bloating & feeling really uncomfortable at the end of the day it has been such a great experience, thank you Rejuva Detox



I am an Obstetrition  and Gynaecologist. I lost 7lbs and 17 inches in 14 days. Tiredness and sluggishness disappeared from day 1, no further bloating, itchiness etc after eating. Makes you in control of your life generally, thank you. Would definitely recommend. It's a brilliant and empowering programme!


Gloria, Wollwich

Been on the RejuvaDetox and enjoyed the experience. Feeling so much better in myself and lost a total of 30lbs and 23.5 inches. Everyone has really helped me along the journey. Can’t believe the difference over the programme and will be eating and keeping healthy in the future. I’ll recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel better in themselves

Rejuvadetox has been a life changing experience for me! I have lost 1 stone and 7lbs and 18 ½ inches in 4 weeks all thanks to the rejuva course and the Angels who are so hopeful and knowledgabel. I felt very welcome. Thank you so much

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I Lost 18 lbs. and 26 inches from my body including the three inches from my waist, and the RejuvaDetox machine definitely helped tone my body.

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